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Banish Your Sales Burnout & Unhealthy Stress Levels

In under 2 hours learn how to build a more sustainable and less stressful approach to your sales role. 

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Banish Your Sales Burnout Course

Access the insights and tools I've used to train 750+ salespeople and leaders on how to reduce their stress and burnout.

Tired of stress sabotaging your performance and wellbeing?

You're not alone!


2 in 3 salespeople and leaders experience burnout at some point in their career. 

It can not only impact your performance, but also have a severe impact on your mindset, mental health and life outside of work. 

But you shouldn't have to put up with the stress or simply wait around for burnout to hit you. 


In under 2 hours, in the Banish Your Sales Burnout Course, you'll learn:

✔️ The hidden stress and burnout triggers. 

✔️ How to reframe stress and the way you utilise it. 

✔️ Tools to improve how you respond to stress.

✔️ Proactive ways your stress levels low and prevent burnout. 

✔️ How to develop a more sustainable and consistent approach to sales. 


So if you want to reduce your stress levels and develop a sustainable and consistent sales performance, then click the link and get started today. 

Course Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed the Stress & Burnout course. I thought it was easily digestible and loved the actionable exercises weaved throughout. Looking forward to implementing some of the takeaways into my day to day and appreciate you sharing your stories as well!"

kaitlen kelly

Sales Manager, EMEA @ Klaviyo


Stress & Burnout Fundamentals 

Course Overview

Recognising the signs and stages of burnout is the first step to preventing it. In this first pillar you’ll learn about your potential hidden stress triggers, the 5 stages of burnout and signs to look out for. 


  • Hidden Stress Triggers

  • The 5 Stages & Signs of Burnout

  • Your Energy Battery Exercise


Reframing Your Perception of Stress

Stress is not the enemy; but our reaction to it can be. In this second pillar you’ll learn about how to completely change the way you look at stress. Plus how to be more mindful of channeling your energy into controllable stressors. 



  • Why Emotions Are Signals, Not Threats

  • Controllable vs Uncontrollable Stressors


Your Self-Regulation Toolkit

The sooner you can self-regulate, the quicker you avoid stress building up and sabotaging your day. In here you’ll be armed with numerous tools that will improve your self-regulation and to deal with stressful moments when they show up. 



  • The 90 Second Window Tool

  • Towards vs Away Motivation

  • Questions to Reduce Your Stress


Managing & Protecting Your Energy

You can have the best time management in the world, but without the energy, it’s not getting done.

In this fourth pillar we’ll discuss energy management, why it’s so important to reducing your stress and how you can become more effective at managing and protecting it each day to develop a consistent and sustainable performance. 



  • The Value of Upper & Lower Boundaries

  • How To Get More Comfortable With Saying “No”

  • Finding The Off Switch


Recharging Your Energy

Imagine your energy like your phone battery; it needs recharging. You’ll again walk away with daily habits to ensure you’re recharged to feel more present, less stressed and perform more effectively. 



  • Proactive & Reactive Recharging Tools

  • The Importance of Self-Reflection

Hi, I'm Chris 

Sales Mindset Coach & Speaker

I’ve worked with over 1,000 salespeople and leaders, from global companies like Meta, Snowflake, Google, Experian and many more, alongside a background of being in sales my whole career.


I know what it feels like to constantly have to handle stressful moments each day, work towards targets and still balance your everyday life; it’s not easy. 

After delivering this topic for the last 8 years, I wanted to put all my best tools and insights into a course to ensure all salespeople and leaders are able to take control of their stress levels and prevent burnout in themselves and their teams. 

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