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About Me

My Mission
 Creating High Performing & Healthier Minds

I get it; missing quota, facing rejection and feeling like some days you want the ground to swallow you up. It makes for a tough environment that leaves your mental wellbeing and mindset, under constant strain. 

I lived that first hand for 17+ years and decided something needed to be done about this, to turn the tide

for sales reps, leaders and organisations. 

That's why I started Sales Psyche. 

Sales Psyche fills the gap in supporting and developing your mindset, not just your skillset. Enabling you or sales teams to develop a high performance mindset without the burnout. 


Hi, I'm Chris Hatfield,

Founder of Sales & My Psyche

My inspiration for Sales Psyche started from a passion and pain. A passion for wanting to impact and reach as many sales reps and leaders as possible, to help equip them with a better understanding of how to develop their mindset and mental wellbeing. 

The pain side of things stemmed from suffering from anxiety severely since I started my sales career. But that anxiety, the thoughts and feelings that came with it, led me to want to understand more about how to utilise my mind. In sales, it can be our greatest strength, but also our biggest threat. 

This evoked the drive and focus in me, that I want to bring to every individual Sales Psyche works with. 

  • Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice (AC Accredited)

  • 17+ years in sales & leadership roles

  • Mental Health First Aid Trained

  • Contributor to the ISM Stress in Sales Survey 2018

3 Steps to High Performing & Healthier Minds

We believe in supporting people in taking a 3 stage proactive approach to manage their mental wellbeing and success.

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Shining a light on areas that contribute towards your teams & leaders mind management & mental wellbeing.

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Empowering reps and leaders to label their biggest challenges & fears, to better understand how to tackle them.

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Supporting them in taking action on this through practical takeaways and space to talk openly. 

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