The Sales Psyche Mission
To create healthier minds, sales pipelines and vibrant cultures

All of us are at risk of having challenges with our mental health and wellbeing during our careers and life. 

But the world of sales amplifies this risk even more, with studies showing it's 3x more likely to. Couple that with 67% of sales reps saying they have been or feel like they will burn out soon. 

56% don't feel comfortable talking about it with their manager and overall, mental health challenges are costing the UK economy £45 billion per year. 


We get it; missing quota, facing rejection daily and feeling like some days you want the group to swallow you up. It makes for a tough environment that leaves your sales teams and manager's mental wellbeing and mindset, under constant strain. 

Something needs to be done about this, to turn the tide for sales reps, commercial teams, managers and organisations. 

Sales Psyche is here to fill the gap of supporting and developing your team's mindset, not just their skillset. 

It's not those in sales that struggle with their mental wellbeing, which is why My Psyche is also available to those outside of a quota role. 

Telling people to just talk more about their mental health isn't enough anymore. Instead, we need to focus on promoting prevention, early intervention and coping mechanisms. 

We want to create a community of partners and customers, who are all aligned in wanting to reduce the stigma of mental health in sales, whilst developing sales reps and managers in a more effective way. 

We’d love to have you join us in achieving this and work alongside you to master your team’s brilliance with resilience.


Hi, I'm Chris Hatfield,

Founder of Sales & My Psyche

My inspiration for Sales & My Psyche started from a passion and pain. A passion for wanting to impact and reach as many sales reps and managers as possible, to help equip them with a better understanding of their sales potential and mental wellbeing. 

Also a passion for adjusting the focus of how we develop reps and managers; placing just as much importance on attitudes and habits, rather than just knowledge and skills. 

The pain side of things stemmed from suffering from anxiety severely since I started my sales career; doing door to door sales, 100% commission based, you can’t really pick a more stressful and anxious first sales job. 

But that anxiety, the thoughts and feelings that came with it, led me to want to understand more about how to utilise the mind. In sales, it can be our greatest strength, but also our biggest threat. I began to learn how it could serve, rather than sabotage me. 

This evoked the drive and focus in me, that I want to bring to every Psyche Member we work with. 

  • Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice (AC Accredited)

  • 14 years in sales & leadership roles

  • Mental Health First Aid Trained

  • Contributor to the ISM Stress in Sales Survey 2018



The Sales Psyche Residents care as much as we do about developing and supporting the sales community with their mental wellbeing. You’ll see and hear from them through the live sessions we deliver.