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Is your mindset sabotaging your sales success?

Personalised 1:1 coaching for you to develop a healthy & high performing mind.

Join over 300+ salespeople I've coached from:

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Do you find yourself battling against your own self-talk and wondering how you can feel less stressed and more motivated?

You're not alone in this. 

I coach salespeople and leaders who want to;

  • Reduce their stress and anxiety. 

  • Take control of their mindset. 

  • Overcome imposter syndrome. 

  • Build sales resilience. 

  • Better understand how to support their team. 

With over 17+ years in sales and leadership roles, I feel your pain and know what it can feel like spinning the plates of targets, your wellbeing and everyday life.


Over the past 8+ years of coaching and training, I've worked with individuals from companies like Meta, Google, Salesloft and NTT Data.


I provide 1:1 coaching that gives you the awareness, insights and tools to build a healthy and high performing mind. 

If you want to achieve the following then book an intro call with me and we can see if we're a good fit for one another. 

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What's Included?

  • Bespoke 1:1 Coaching Sessions. ​

  • 100+ tools and resources available.

  • Accountability check-ins. 

  • Email or chat support. 

The Feedback 

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Why my clients choose to work with me

1) First hand experience: I've been in your shoes of selling and managing and have experienced the knockbacks, stress, highs and lows it brings. 

2) Actionable tools: I'm not someone who's just going to share a load of theories and insights with you. I want you to walk away from every 1:1 session with tools to apply instantly, that get you to the results you want. 

3) Coaching style: I've worked with global companies like Meta and Snowflake; coached over 1,500+ salespeople. I believe I can support anyone in this arena with my style and approach. 

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