Sales Psyche is a live & on-demand online training subscription, combined with confidential & impartial 1:1 coaching. 

We work with your sales reps, managers & commercial teams to support and develop their mental health, wellbeing, and performance.

What do you get?

The BIGGEST THREAT to your business, right now, is your teams & managers 


Here's why...

It could be costing you £16,250 & 43 working days

Each year, for every 10 people, due to poor mental health. It costs the UK economy £45 billion a year and the US $100 billion. (Department of Health). 


2 in 3 salespeople

Are close to or have experienced burnout ( and are 3x more likely to struggle with their mental health. 


56% of salespeople

Don’t feel comfortable talking to their line manager about their mental wellbeing (Deloitte).

Training often focused on process & skillset 

But little, if any, focus on mental wellbeing, habits & mindset.

Isn't it time we CHANGE this?

Join these companies already SUPPORTING their teams' mental wellbeing

What You Will ACHIEVE  

With Sales Psyche


Sales Performance


Through the development of both MINDSET & SKILLSET, you’ll see the impact in the numbers. We've seen an increase in performance

as high as 57%.


Mental Wellbeing


With greater support & understanding, you'll see the results in how your people think and feel, with a trackable ROI OF 5:1 FOR EVERY £1 SPENT 

(Deloitte, pg5). 




A sales culture designed to ATTRACT RETAIN the very best talent. People want to know, now more than ever, how they're going to be supported & developed in their role.


What Sales Psyche ISN'T

We're NOT an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Think of us as the service that sits before the EAP by providing a proactive approach to education, prevention & early intervention strategies. On average EAP's have a usage of 5% vs our average engagement each week is 68%.

We're NOT the ones for one-off sales training


Imagine us like a gym membership for your team's mental wellbeing & sales development. By being proactive in this approach, you can ensure peak performance without burnout. 

We're NOT just for Sales Reps & Managers

Everyone has mental health and can struggle with managing it in different ways. You can select the  My Psyche (non-sales focused) content to ensure your whole company is supported in the right way. 

3 Steps to Healthier Minds

We believe in supporting people in taking a 3 stage proactive approach to manage their mental wellbeing and success.


Shining a light on areas that contribute towards your reps & managers mental wellbeing & success.


Empowering reps and managers to label their biggest challenges & fears, to better understand how to tackle them.


Supporting them in taking action on this through practical takeaways and space to talk openly. 

How do we support 

NON-SALES focused teams?

My Psyche still has the engaging & effective approach, designed for your non-sales focused teams and managers.


 By supporting your entire business, we ensure a healthier

mental wellbeing for all. 


We Do Things...




  • 1:1 impartial & confidential coaching for employees 

  • Space to discuss & explore mental wellbeing and sales challenges

  • On-site or via Zoom

  • Plus much more...





We Do Things...

  • Learn through webinars, morning mindset sessions and Q&A's 

  • Development on-demand training library

  • Monthly mental wellbeing check-ins

  • Plus much more...

What Are You Waiting For?





Stress-Free Call




Trial for 7 Days

That old phrase, try before you buy still holds a lot of value today. 

We'll set your team up for a week to sample some of the live sessions, content and community we've got going on here. 



Launch Time

We do all the heavy lifting, all we need is a list of your teams.

We kick things off with a launch Q&A giving all your people the why, what & how. Keeping them engaged from the off.

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