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Want to develop a healthy and high performing

sales mindset?

Chris Hatfield speaking

I work with salespeople and companies to develop healthier and high performing minds, through 1:1 coaching and workshops. 

Coaching salespople and leaders at: 

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The BIGGEST THREAT to your success in sales, is how you manage your mindset and wellbeing. 

Here's why...

37% increase in performance

Sales professionals with healthier wellbeing outperform their counterparts by 37% in sales revenue (Gallup).


2 in 3 salespeople

Are close to or have experienced burnout and are 3x more likely to struggle with their mental health (

Training very product & skillset focused

But little, if any, focus on developing your mindset or mental wellbeing.

Isn't it time we changed this?

Too often in sales, do we wait for a problem to occur before taking action. 

Whether that's waiting to miss your targets consecutively, feeling low on motivation or burnt out.


Reactive approaches like this are not only costing you financially, but also mentally. 

I've worked with over 1,500+ salespeople and leaders now.


Giving them the insights and tools to create a more proactive and preventative approach to improving their mindset, performance and wellbeing. 

Whether you're a salesperson, leader or business, book a call with me and see how I can support you in doing the same. 

Chris Hatfield on stage






Individual 1:1 Coaching

Personalised 1:1 coaching designed to give you the insights and tools to develop a healthier mindset and increase your performance, without the burnout. 

Group Workshops

Bespoke programmes designed for your sales team to address specific areas ranging from improving their resilience, managing their mindset, burnout prevention and more. 

Team 1:1 Coaching Days

Confidential 1:1 days each month or quarter for your team to book, to give them an impartial space to speak and work on their mindset and performance. 

Keynote Talks

Looking for something different for your next SKO, quarterly review or team meeting? I cover a range of mindset and wellbeing topics, relevant for all sales and commercial teams. 

The Results We're Seeing


agree that Sales Psyche 

has improved their mindset & 

mental wellbeing.


increase in resilience levels using our Resilience Test.


feel Sales Psyche has directly improved performance in

their role. 

What's Sales Psyche Like?


I think its best thing I've seen in helping with the unique mental challenges of being a sales performer. Sales Psyche is fantastic, we are so lucky to have such a positive, reaffirming resource.

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I really like the consideration for mental health in a sales org. It shows the company is considerate of the sales org as people rather than just the numbers they put up.

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It’s given me some great ideas to reinforce in team meetings and create a healthy culture that I want to nurture as we grow. I’ve been here 5 years and Chris’ Psyche sessions are some of the best I’ve seen.

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