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Team 1:1 Mindful Coaching Days

Without a healthy and high performing mindset in sales your sales team will find themselves inconsistent with their targets, battling constant anxiety and negative self-talk. Or having short periods of intense focus followed by that feeling of overwhelm and burnout. 


Enter Sales Psyche.


We believe in the power of having an outlet. Someone to connect with and talk through what’s on your mind. It can really help having a confidential and impartial space to craft and develop a healthier and high performing mind. 


This is why we created the Mindful Coaching Days.


These sessions provide opportunities for your sales teams and leaders to talk openly and work on crafting a high performance mindset, whilst also taking care of their mental wellbeing, with trained coaches, who've all had experience of selling.


Our 1:1 sessions are completely confidential and impartial.

Why we're different

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1. People may want to talk, but not always with a therapist; Therapy or counselling isn't the right solution for everyone; we provide an alternative space for those people. 

2. Coaches who have sold and can relate; Our coaches have been on the frontlines and sold. This allows them to better relate and empathise with coachees.

3. Proactive approach;  Imagine these like having a personal trainer at the gym; a space to work pro-actively on your mindset and mental wellbeing. 


Your teams and managers will receive 1:1 confidential and impartial coaching sessions.

A dedicated time and space for your teams to be proactive in talking about and developing a high performance mindset and their mental wellbeing.

Each day provides 8 x 45 minute virtual sessions for anyone in your business to book confidentially. 

The coaching days run via Zoom and can be booked discreetly through a bespoke link.


Our coaches are fully vetted, qualified, and experienced in sales and mental wellbeing.

We provide a quarterly review and a bespoke, 1–2-hour workshop with your teams.

How it Works

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