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Team Training

You can work on your skillset and sales process all you want, but without the right mindset your sales team won't succeed.

Sales Psyche delivers bespoke workshops and programmes designed to create high performing and healthy minds amongst your sales team and leaders. 

Shaping sales team's mindset for the likes of: 

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Sales Psyche workshop programmes are focused on supporting and developing your sales teams mindset and mental wellbeing. 


Your sales playbook, process and success all rest on the foundations of your team’s mindset and how they manage and develop it. 


Through our workshop programmes we enable your teams and leaders to not only better understand their mind, but also how to take care of their mental wellbeing, to improve their performance and general quality of life. 


Here’s a few programmes that we deliver, but feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for something a little different or a mix of the below.


Our Most Popular Topics

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Tackling Limiting Beliefs

Learn how to identify and reframe limiting beliefs that may be impacting your team's wellbeing & performance.


Understanding & Managing Burnout

Here your team will learn about the signs & stages of burnout, along with tools to prevent it from occurring. 

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The Myths of


We share the 4 biggest myths associated with resilience and how to build it through knockbacks & rejection.  


Handling Knockbacks

& Rejection

Learn how to reframe the failures, the 3 different types and tools to avoid dwelling on them for too long. 


Coaching Toolkit for Mental Wellbeing

Equip your leaders with the insights, questions and structures to support their team's mental wellbeing in 1:1 sessions. 

Handling Your


We cover the 4 different imposters your team can experience and strategies to handle and reframe their imposter. 


Dealing With & Embracing Change

Tools and insights on how your team can better anticipate and respond to change in work & their personal lives. 

Protecting & Managing Your Energy

Enable your team to better manage & recharge their energy to ensure they can perform at their peak without the burnout


Building Healthy


Equip your team to create healthy selling & wellbeing habits, by understand the 5 habit cues and 4 steps to building habits.

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Insights into the psychological reasons on why we procrastinate, along with a toolkit to use to avoid it from sabotaging your team's success. 




Understand how to reframe emotions such as stress, anxiety and nerves to serve, rather than sabotage, your team's wellbeing & performance. 

How Our Programmes Run

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Blended Learning

When it comes to our mindset and mental health, it's not a case of one and done. Our programmes combine a mix of workshops with podcasts, virtual Q&A's, plus 1:1 sessions. 



No one wants to be spoken at endlessly for hours, yet that's how some training is delivered currently. Our sessions provide a number of opportunities to practice and implement the insights and tools we cover. 

Simplify the Complex

You can provide all the theory and insights in the world, but if it's not translated in a way that people can use, it won't be adopted. We look to take those abstract topics and simplify them, to ensure adoption and change of behaviors. 

The Impact it Has


agree that Sales Psyche 

has improved their mindset & mental wellbeing.


feedback score for workshops from participants. 


feel Sales Psyche has directly improved performance in

their role. 

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