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3 Ways to Make Your Prospects Say Yes

Updated: May 5, 2022

If I asked you what percentage of your prospects' decision making is subconscious, what would you say; 50%, 60%, maybe 70%?

It’s actually none of the above, it’s 90%. Crazy, right?

This 90% of subconscious decision making comes from our primal brain – the part that’s led by emotion, unconscious and is the OG of how the brain started out.

The other 10% is the rational brain, which is based on logic is conscious and used for complex decisions.

So, if 90% of your prospects' decision making is subconscious, it would be great to know what you can do to tap into that, wouldn’t it?

Well, here you go; here are 3 ways to make your prospects say ‘yes’.

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Make it more about them than you

Our primal brains are selfish - all they care about is us. When your prospects are listening to you, their primal brain is always thinking:

‘What’s in it for me?’

Try to avoid saying to prospects ‘I’d love to book a call with you’

Their primal brain will be thinking, ‘I’m sure YOU would, but what’s in it for me?

Instead, try rewording this to say, ‘By booking a call with us, you can see the value we can bring and decide if we’re the right fit for you’

This approach is centred more on the prospect and their interests and less on you and yours.

Interrupt your prospects pattern

Without variation, you won’t stand out to your prospects; every interaction with them needs to be unique to you and your company. What you need to do here is break the prospects pattern, otherwise, they’ll stay on autopilot and won’t tune in.

For example, if a prospect is looking at 3-4 other competitors at the same time as you, you won’t stand out in demos or presentations if you’re doing exactly what they’re doing.

Why not try to open your next cold call immediately with: ‘This is a sales call; do you want to hang up?’

The prospect will most likely chuckle and say something along the lines of: ‘Depends on what it’s about’

They may occasionally end the call there, but it will save your time and energy to move onto the next prospect quicker who might be up for talking to you for longer.

Use stories to sell

Did you know, visuals are processed 60,000 times fast than text?

You should use stories, metaphors, and images to simplify your message to the prospect and avoid them having to think too hard about what you’re talking about.

One of the most powerful words to use when selling is ‘imagine’, but are you using it enough?

For example, imagine a pink donkey in front of you right now, with a top hat and a guitar.

What are you thinking about now?

Are you thinking about a pink donkey?

The word ‘imagine’ takes your prospects to exactly the place you want them to think or feel, so try it next tie you’re looking to build a story or an image you want them to remember.

Feel more confident when selling to prospects

Paying attention to what someone is thinking and feeling, is even more important than what they’re saying.

The same goes for yourself; what you think and feel lays the foundation for your success in sales. But we know that can be tough sometimes with the stress, anxiety of targets, rejection, etc.

That’s why Sales Psyche was created; to help stressed and frustrated sales reps like yourself, to develop the brilliance of your sales, alongside your mental resilience.

If you have a manager or leader in your business, why not share this blog post with them?

Or, if you want to keep it all for yourself, download it for free below!

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