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Protect & develop your teams mindset & mental wellbeing.

A CPD accredited course to equip sales & commercial teams with the insights and tools to protect & develop their mindset, to improve their mental health & performance. 

The IMPACT of Poor Mental Health

For every 10 employees 


Work Days

Being lost each year.


Is what poor mental wellbeing could be costing you each year. 


Admit they don't feel comfortable talking to their manager about their mental health.

What You'll Walk Away With


Understand how your self-talk influences your state of mind and perspective.


How to build your resilience within your role and day to day life, to face any adversity. 


Recognise the patterns of how limiting beliefs are formed and how to overcome them. 


Tools & insights to reset your mind when you face knockbacks & how to switch off from work. 


Understand how to reframe emotions, such as stress and anxiety, to serve, rather than sabotage you. 


CPD Accreditation on completion of the course for Protecting & Developing Your Mindset.

Join Others On The Course From The Likes Of

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Course Info 101


Who's this course for?

This course is designed for anyone in a sales or customer facing role. 

How long is the course?

2 months.

When does it start?

Enrollment open now; course starts in June. 

What is the format?

  • 3 x podcasts

  • 4 x 90 minute virtual live classes

  • 2 x optional drop-in Q&A's

Protecting & Developing

Your Mindset Course

(free for Sales Psyche Members)

CPD Accredited

Over 20 practical tools & templates


Network with other course members. 

What’s the most important tool you can invest in, yet we can often overlook?


Our mindset. 

Do you find yourself constantly battling with your thoughts, beliefs or emotions that are having an impact on your mental wellbeing, performance and general day to day life?

This course is here to support you in taking control of the above and quieting that inner critic, by giving you the tools and insights needed to protect and manage your mindset. 

What does the course cover?

#1 Your Inner Voice & Chatter

  • Understand more about how your self-talk and chatter influence your state of mind and perspective. 

  • Insights into how limiting beliefs are formed and what you can do to tackle and prevent them. 

  • How to tackle those negative “what if” scenarios that can send you into a spiral of negative thinking.


#2 Managing & Reframing Your Emotions

  • Why there's no such thing as a “negative” emotion.

  • How 90 seconds is all you need to reset your mindset. 

  • How to reframe your perspective on emotions to serve, rather than sabotage you. 


#3 Protecting Your Energy

  • What it really means to be resilient and the difference between that and grit. 

  • Understanding why your time and energy is like currency; spend it all in the wrong place and you’ll struggle to see a return. 

  • A toolkit of simple exercises you can use to reset your frame of mind throughout your day. 


#4 Recap & Embed

  • Recap the key insights and tools covered in the course. 

  • Hear from all participants on what they’ve actioned and the results they’ve seen. 

  • Q&A, along with breakout groups, to share further ideas with one another. 

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Your Course Industry Expert


Chris Hatfield - Founder & Coach - Sales Psyche 

Chris has 15+ years experience in the sales and leadership space and has worked with the likes of Meta, Google, Aircall, Outreach, OwnBackup to name a few.

His passion, interest and expertise is focused on the mindset, mental wellbeing and psychology side of things. He struggled early on with anxiety, which led him down this path and was a key factor in founding Sales Psyche. 


He works with global sales & commercial team's to support them in the above, both from a personal and team perspective. 

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