Learning Subscription

We often wait for a problem to occur before we take action. 

Whether it's not performing, burnt out, unmotivated or exiting a business. 

Taking a more proactive & preventative approach to managing your mental wellbeing is a far more effective & healthier way. 


​This is why we created the Live Learning Subscription for teams and leaders. 


It’s a live and on-demand training solution, delivered through a variety of formats from Monday to Friday each week.

It’s designed to fit around your team’s busy workdays, with all sessions only taking up between 1-2% of their working week.

We also offer individual memberships for this, so get in touch if you want to take control of your mental wellbeing and mindset. 

How we Work


Prime Your Mind Morning Sessions 

Start your day the right way, with our morning sessions. Designed to prime your mind and ready your spirit for a productive day!


Live Psyche Sessions & Courses 

We deliver weekly sessions, providing practical insights, tips, and strategies to apply to your role and everyday life. Courses delve deeper into these topics and allow your team the chance to share experiences with other individuals along the way.

Interactive Roundtables

These provide a platform to discuss those topics that may not always come up in the office, with the added benefit of hearing from other Sales Psyche members from other companies.


Ask Anything Q&A's

Good news- there’s no such thing as a silly question with us. Any queries you might have surrounding mental health or sales challenges, we’re happy to answer!


Mental Wellbeing Check-ins

You’ll receive monthly surveys to give you useful insights and advice on how best to support your team’s mental wellbeing and potential.

Training Library 

Receive access to all of the delivered content so far, through our Learning Hub. Your teams can access anything they’ve missed or catch-up where needed.

The Impact it Has


agree that Sales Psyche 

has improved their

mental wellbeing.


weekly attendance for live sessions & on-demand. 


feel Sales Psyche has directly improved performance in

their role. 

Hear from our Customers


I feel completely re-wired after speaking with Chris and the instant positive impact is felt in my work & approach to life and its inevitable challenges more broadly.


Allowed me to share my perspective in a safe environment and gave me a number of strategies to challenge the way I was thinking. Feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders during and after the session.


This is such a good tool, it's not about the company, it's about me and how to be the best I can be and happier at my desk. Ultimately, we will all be more successful when the team is working well with positive mental well being.