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Live & On-Demand

Blended Training Subscription


1:1 Confidential & Impartial 

Mindful Coaching Sessions

Be proactive with managing and developing your mental wellbeing

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Blended Training Subscription

The way we learn and develop is evolving; we want the insights, tools and approaches available to us even before we know we need them. 

Taking a more proactive approach to training is not only more cost-effective, but it also builds the trust and loyalty of your reps and managers, by ensuring they're equipped with what they need to succeed. 

This is why we created the Blended Online Training Subscription. A live & on-demand, blended training solution, delivered through a variety of formats (see below) to continuously keep your reps and managers mindset, not just their skillset, in peak condition, without the burnout. 

What's included?


Prime Your Mind Morning Sessions 

Set the tone for the rest of your day. Absorb useful insights first thing to prime your mind ready for the day​.


Live Training Sessions & Courses 

Practical and actionable sessions delivered weekly, providing insights, tips & strategies to apply to your role and everyday life. 


Ask Anything Q&A's

There’s no such thing as a silly question here. Ask any burning questions anonymously around your mental health or sales challenges here.


Mental Wellbeing Check-ins

Monthly surveys give you useful insights (anonymously) and advice on what you can be doing internally to support the development and growth of your team’s mental wellbeing & potential.


Hear from sales reps, managers & leaders in your shoes, talk about their mental health and sales challenges and stories of success. 


Training Library 

Get access to all content delivered, on-demand, through our Learning Hub, where your teams can access anything they've missed or for new starters, who you want to hit the ground running.

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Mindful Coaching Days

We know how stressful and intense the world of sales can be. Having an outlet to let off some of those feelings and get clarity on what's going on in your mind can make a real difference. 

This is why we created the Mindful Coaching Days. A confidential and impartial 1:1 space for your reps, teams and managers to talk openly about any of their mental wellbeing, health, or sales related challenges, with trained and experienced professionals. 


The more your reps and managers feel like they can communicate and have an outlet, in a non-judgemental, non-biased, setting; the more we can do together to ensure we tackle the impact of poor mental health.  

What's included?

1:1 confidential & impartial coaching sessions for your teams and managers

Pro-active and dedicated time to work on mental wellbeing, life & sales challenges 


8 x 45-minute coaching sessions on the day

Run via Zoom & bookable discreetly through the Learning Hub


Coaches are fully vetted, qualified & experienced in sales & mental wellbeing

Quarterly review & bespoke 1-2 hour workshop with your teams 


Why they work


Knowledge Retention

“It really helps us embed the learning from the online training and makes us accountable for developing both our mindset and skillset”



“We don’t have an internal sales coach, so it’s great to get the external support and development, whilst increasing performance”


Impartial Setting

“I feel more comfortable talking with an impartial coach, without worrying about what I say or share” 


Different Perspective

“I love getting a different perspective on my challenges and thoughts from someone who’s got experience of working in a variety of companies" 

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