1:1 Mindful Sesssions

We understand how it feels when stress is getting the best of us. Whether it’s from work or home-life, the anxiety that you carry with you can feel like it’s getting heavier by the day.


Enter: Sales Psyche.


We believe in the power of having an outlet. Someone to connect with and talk through what’s on your mind. It can really help having a confidential and impartial space to let off steam.


This is why we created the Mindful Coaching Days.


An opportunity for your teams and managers to talk honestly about any of their mental wellbeing, sales, or role related challenges, with trained and experienced professionals. Our 1:1 sessions are confidential and impartial.

How it Works


Your teams and managers will receive 1:1 confidential and impartial coaching sessions.

A dedicated time and space for your teams to be proactive in talking about what’s on their mind, from work, mental wellbeing or general life challenges.


Each day provides 8 x 45 minute virtual sessions for anyone in your business to book confidentially. 

The coaching days run via Zoom and can be booked discreetly through the Learning Hub.


Our coaches are fully vetted, qualified, and experienced in sales and mental wellbeing.

We provide a quarterly review and a bespoke, 1–2-hour workshop with your teams.

How it Helps


Knowledge Retention

“It really helps us embed the learning from the live sessions and makes me accountable 



“These sessions have helped me recognise that reaching out for counselling will be really beneficial and not as scary as I first thought”


Impartial Setting

“It feels good to talk to someone who’s completely unbiased and is there to listen with no judgement.“


Different Perspective

“Allowed me to share my perspective in a safe environment and gave me a number of strategies to challenge the way I was thinking.”

How we're Different to an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)

It's not Therapy or Counselling

Our sessions are coaching focused, encouraging people to take a proactive approach to managing their mental health. 

Used 10x More

EAP's on average are used by 5% of a company each year. We see around 50% of a companies employees accessing our 1:1s.

Talk to Someone Who Can Relate


All of our coaches have worked in sales; meaning we can relate to all the unique challenges within the world of sales. 

Hear from our Customers


I feel completely re-wired after speaking with Chris and the instant positive impact is felt in my work & approach to life and its inevitable challenges more broadly.


Allowed me to share my perspective in a safe environment and gave me a number of strategies to challenge the way I was thinking. Feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders during and after the session.


This is such a good tool, it's not about the company, it's about me and how to be the best I can be and happier at my desk. Ultimately, we will all be more successful when the team is working well with positive mental well being.